Close browser when uploading files

Hi Retool Team,
I want to ask you to show an popup when user close browser during uploading files in other platform( GCS, W3, server backend, ... ).


Hi @Tan_Tran,

For clarification, do you want to close the web browser or something within your retool application?

Hi @AbbeyHernandez ,
Yes, i want when close browser, Retool will show an popup.

He wants a confirmation modal when something is uploading and you try to close the browser.

I've asked for the same thing in the past.

Are you got a solution?

I do not unfortunately, I was told this wasn't possible to achieve previously. If @AbbeyHernandez knows any different I would love to know.

Hello @Tan_Tran and @BattleCattleDevelopment,

Unfortunately, this is not possible. You can only setup alerts for events within the app itself, not the browser.