Clone tool doesn't work

Hi there,

I've seen there's an old thread about same issue.
I cannot clone utilities app into my account.
Are those sample app json source published somewhere?


Hi @abusedmedia! Thanks for posting. I was able to run into the same event when clicking on of our Retool utilities for the first time. If you make sure you're signed in before 'cloning' or clicking 'Edit' this app, it should redirect you to your Retool homepage and open up a copy of the app for you. Happy building :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Kenny

I've still some issues.
I'm logged in but I can clone only some utils.
I cannot spot the reason why I'm able to clone some and other not.
Also, I'm able to clone without issues in the templates section.

I'm wondering if there's some other workaround because the examples I'm not able to clone are the ones Id like to check for learning purpose.

Many thanks!

Hi @abusedmedia,

Happy to hear the templates work out for you! Could you share with me which utils you're unable to access and would like to try?