Click handlers being evaluated "early"

I have been tracking down "warning" messages like this:


and have traced at least two to what appears to be evaluation of click handlers when there is no click. Here is an example:

n_IRI can't be read because there is no selectedRow. Why? Because there was no click. But why is this code running?


The system seems to be evaluating click handlers when a table "loads" or, otherwise, in absence of the event which is the necessary precondition for the click handler. Thus triggering spurious warnings.

Hi @Roland_Alden

Thanks for reaching out!

I think you can add a ? using this syntax, as long as your table only allows for one row to be selected at a time. Can you let me know if that helps resolve the error?

It does not seem to break anything but it does not make the error go away either.

With ?

and before:

Here's some additional info on this. The underlying problem is that the component portfolio.value is empty when the app starts and a query runs with that empty string as a parameter. This is what comes back from the query:

The state of this option:

Does not seem to matter. The errors show up in the IDE anyway.

Unsurprisingly this "fixes" the problem. Rewriting the underlying query from:

select ([share-guid]) from [skill-editor-shares] where [portfolio-guid] = {{portfolio.value}}

To this monstrosity:

select ([share-guid]) from [skill-editor-shares] where [portfolio-guid] = {{portfolio.value.length == 0 ? '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000':portfolio.value}} order by ts DESC

Does make the error go away. But it's not a pretty solution.

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Thanks for sharing the current solution! I think we can do more here to help with these errors, but at least they shouldn't impact the end user experience