Checkbox group has a dynamic value but resets when that value is changed, how to stop it from doing so?

I have a checkbox group with multiple options, some of them are referencing other text fields. When I change something in those text fields, the checkbox group resets to it's default state. How can I stop it from doing that?

I have tried working around it by creating two checkbox groups and selecting one group with the variables based on the selection of the other one, so that it defaults to the right state but that didn't work. Is there a way to mirror one checkbox groups selected items onto another one based not on index but on value?

Can you maybe share a screenshot of the problem and explain what your intended outcome is?
I'm not sure what "some of them are referencing other text fields" means here and what you're wanting those fields or how you're wanting the checkbox group to act.

I have this checkbox group and if the user clicks one of the last 3 options, it opens the text input field down below:

Now whatever the user enters into that text input field gets added to the value of the selected checkbox:

The issue is, as soon as you start writing something into the text input field, it resets the checkbox group to its default state.

I could solve this with a little workaround now.

I made an additional, identical checkbox group that is just used for interacting. I am hiding the actual checkbox group, the user is interacting with the displayed group and the original group is using the other groups selected Indices as a default.

That way if the group defaults it does so to the value that was selected by the user.

It sounds like what is happening is that you've linked the data and values of the checkbox group to the textbox so that when one changes it will update the other?
Are you expecting that the user can add new options to the checkbox list?
Or that the text field is "additional information" about the selected option?

You may want to consider holding the list of options in a different temporary state. At the moment it appears that the text box data (ie options) is linked to multiple values in your checkbox group.
If the underlying data of a component changes then it's exepcted that it would trigger that reset that you're seeing. It's a little like re-running a query to get the data, it'll refresh the component displaying the data.