Changing table column headers without changing original data key names

One very frustrating thing about the Table for me in Retool has been the fact that there is no way to simply rename the column headers on a table without changing the original values names. This means that if I want to display my table with human-friendly capitalized headers, I have to somehow translate these BACK into the original column names when reading data back out.

For example, the Table.sortedColumn returns you the exact name of the column being sorted. If this name has been mapped into a human-friendly name, I now have no way of passing this back into my query to sort the request. I need to write my own logic to translate this human name back into a column name. Why????

This is an essential base feature of not just React, but programming in general. There needs to be a difference between a "value name", and a "label". I'm astounded that such a powerful tool can't do what should be an insanely basic common-sense feature.


Hi @chrispytoes
´╗┐Thanks for writing in about this. I can definitely see how useful it would be to be able to use the columnHeaderNames values from the table as a reference across the rest of the canvas. While we can reference that column header, it requires a bit of work to make it present in a useful way like in the example you shared.

I have collect the asks for the functions of this dynamicly change column title in following topic.

There are so many users ask for it. Please consider our request @Ryland

Thank you for that feedback @AnsonHwang
´╗┐Letting us know in this thread helps us gauge the interest in new functionality like this, so keep letting us know how we can make working in Retool a better experience.