Changing order of event handler within table interaction

Can I change the order of event handlers within table interaction?
In case I have several events before adding a new row, I would like to add another event handler (e.g. javascript query for validation) as the first event handler. currently, when adding a new event handler it is added as the last and there is no way to move it up.


Instead, you can call each of the successive queries as each one succeeds:
So, for example, in getUUID query Resource panel, under Success, then add bv_scans_add query, and then in that one add bp_prediction_logs_all query.... (or in whatever order you need for them to fire.) So in the end, the only event handler in what you have above would be the validate js query and the rest would be within each of the remaining queries...under Success - hope that makes sense...

The event handlers as you have them now would all fire at once unless you use Debounce but that will not ensure they run one after the other.

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Got it. thanks a lot.
Must say that it is a bit cofusing since it looks like it stack in order.

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@niro That's because all event handlers run asynchronously. Whenever I need synchronous execution I either go the route @ScottR suggested or build ONE event handler script that includes everything that needs to happen for this specific event.