Reorder Triggers


I have many triggers on some parts of the app,

When I want to reorder them, I just cannot do anything but removing them adding them again one by one. Is there any work around to reorder my triggers?

Thank you!

Not sure if re-ordering is even possible from a readability perspective but I want to check that you're aware that those events run in parallel so the ordering isn't a chain/sequennce, if that was what you're trying to achieve?

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They run in parallel? :smiley: I didn't know this. Then it is not logical to reorder them.

But what if I trigger an SQL query and should wait for its answer to update a component state?

Is it possible to run them one and another?

Then you'd need the success handler on that query to trigger then next in the chain - I'd suggest you may want to put this click handler logic into a js query and run them from there (and handle errors too)

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