changesetArrays only saves the first row and not all the array

I am still learning to build apps in ReTool but I can't figure out what I am doing wrong here:
Have a table with 2 rows with changed cells and I am using changesetArrays - from the State I can see it carries the two selection correctly.

But when I click on the "save actions" save, for both selections, only the first one is saved and the 2nd (or more if the case) are just refreshed to the original value.

Can anybody help me with this?


Hello @gabusam,

For this scenario you should use Bulk update via a primary key as Action type

Thanks @edurmush !
I've tried that before, and again now. It didn't work because I got the error "Data must be an array"

Clearly, I am doing something wrong... not sure what. Any suggestion?

It wants an array but you give it an object like that. Just put the array there. {{ DentalHawk.changesetArray }}. It must work!

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Thanks a lot! It worked!