Changelog self hosted


Where is the changelog for self hosted Retool? It seems to be gone on the new website.

It was moved to here.

Here is changelog of cloud

There are so much invalid(moved) link the retool documents. so confusion.

I really hope retool team take this seriously.

Thanks, I just went to which apparantly redirected to the "general" changelog, but that one is lacking the self-hosted changes. Indeed confusing.

It has been adjusted already.

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Hello! Just want to give some context here on the changelog update.

The new changelog provides a more consolidated place to view changes instead of having and self-hosted release notes existing on separate pages. It also comes with some technical changes on the backend that make it easier to post logs. The docs team did this with an eye on being able to publish more comprehensive changelogs and there's more possibility for finding ways to integrate them in more places in Retool (like maybe the forums :crossed_fingers:).

This is still speculative but the team definitely understands that Retool is changing a ton and that it's really important for folks to be able to track and reference those changes.