Retool Logo in the way

I love retool as much as the next guy, but the lovely logo that can't be removed unless you move to enterprise (no comment) is a bit much. I can deal with it normally, but in this mobile experience I've created, when the user scrolls to the bottom of my app it hovers over the button I need people to click in order for my app to work. How do you deal with this?




hi @hess411

you can lay out your components so when one is fully visible (say a table top and bottom is entirely in the viewport) there aren't any buttons or interactions where "Powered by Retool" lives. in your case, move the button to the right?

to be honest though, i try to avoid scrolling on the page for this reason and some others. tabbed containers, collapsible containers, etc. can help you cram more in the same area /shrug

hope it helps