Trying to disable retool menu for production app

Hi - how do I disable users from seeing the retool bar in the bottom left that lets users switch between workspaces and go to the retool homepage? I don't want my user group being able to exit the dashboard to see all the apps and folder resources.

I am in the cloud hosted version of retool.

I think I need to toggle an environment variable, but I'm not sure how to do that.

Hi @wujerry2000 if you're on an Enterprise plan, you get the option to hide this button under Settings->Branding:

If you're not on an Enterprise plan, you could switch the button to say "Powered by Retool" instead of functioning as a navigation menu.

Keep in mind that users with edit access can still log in to your Retool instance directly to access the home page.

If you want to protect certain content from users, you'll want to ensure you're at least on the Business plan, which includes permissions settings. You can read more about our pricing & features here