Change color of rows in table

Hi guys, I need help. I intend to do the minipulling of the table but via js script. Like I want to paint each line a different color depending on the condition I'm going to apply


You can add the condition in the row color field of the table
Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 12.57.50 PM

I have these conditions and given one of them on the line that is found paints a different color


You don't need write script - remove the if and for each condition you should use a ternary operator within {{ and }}

{{(currentRow.DaysToEnd >= 5 && currentRow.DaysToEnd < 25) ? 'green':' red'}}

where green is for when the condition is true and red if condition is false.

@ScottR: thank you very much it worked.

And if it's to paint just a part or more.


@ScottR , Could you give me some help to leave a table column like this


Note how I used the ternary operator

you can use multiple ternary conditions as well

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thank you very much it worked.