Certain resource queries now showing up in debug console


In some of my apps certain resource queries are not showing up in the debug console. Sometimes they appear randomly after using the app. Other resource queries do appear.
The query which isn't shown does run because the resulting data is displayed in the app.

My resource query is an api call to our backend system.

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Thanks for reaching out to us.
Is this consistent for a specific kind of resource? And does anything appear in the Chrome console for these queries that don't appear?


There are several error messages in the Google Chrome console. I don't understand the messages about the tabbedContainer1 because it still exists and contains all the children as you can see in the screenshot.

I use multiple api resource queries in this app but only 1 is not appearing in the debug console. The resource queries are all the same type, rest api calls to our backend services.

Thank you for that update!

Hm, does recreating the resource and attempting this again still keep it from appearing in the debug window?

I already tried but recreating the resource does not solve the problem.

Hey @Robby_Ceyssens, just to confirm, are you referring to the "Console" tab of the debug tools? Does the query show up in the "Timeline" tab?
Are the queries triggered manually, or when inputs change/ automatically?
Can you share a screenshot of the view where they don't show up?



I'm referring to the console tab of the debug window. The query sometimes shows up in the timeline tab but mostly not. The query is triggered automatically based on the state value of newsItemId as you can see in the attached screenshot.
The query GetNewsItem has been run as you see in the attached screenshot of the view and the state.


Thanks for all that detail! Is newsItemId the Number Input component shown in the last screenshot? How is that value derived?

Oh wow, I'm currently investigating this bug right now! I thought it was limited to particular resource types (namely RetoolDB), but maybe this is more extensive than I thought. I'll provide updates if I find anything on the engineering side :sparkles:

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No, newsItemId is a state value which is derived from the selected row in the overview tab (in dutch on my screenshot = overzicht).

I can confirm this problem also occurs in 2 different apps of us with rest api resources.

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I found a fix! It will be in cloud environments in the next few days or so :partying_face: