Can't resize component inside a modal

Components cannot be resized inside modal

using mac chrome 88.0.4324.192 and hard refresh does not working, it has moved before, but today I checked it and it’s not moving.

2021-02-25 11.04.07

Hi @finn,

In some of the bigger apps I’ve made, I’ve had this problem too…

The way that I got around it was by starting with a new component, sizing it outside the modal, and then pulling it back in. I also found that when components couldn’t be clicked and dragged, they could still be moved with the arrow keys.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for telling me how. I am resizing using this temporary method
I hope retool will solve it

Hi @finn and @JoeyKarczewski!

This (very frustrating) bug was fixed with last night’s deploy. :confetti_ball:

How is it looking on your end(s)?

All good with mine :slight_smile:

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