Cannot render react custom component on Safari

Hello, I use custom component but got error when page loads by using Safari, and this only occurs on Safari, how could I fix it?

Hi @Huayu_Qin

I've tested the default custom component on Safari and it works.
Maybe it's caused by the Safari version? Which version you're using?

Hi, @abusedmedia I use Version 17.0 (19616.

wow, blazing new version, I've the 16.x on a pretty recent mac, maybe 17.x introduced some incompatibilities?

Yeah, but I tried to use lower version which is 15.x, It doesn't work and sometimes show the error Error: null is not an object (evaluating 'this.iframe.contentWindow') after Error: Failed to load script from ""

Are you testing the default custom component or your own code?

@abusedmedia yeah, I found the possible reason is that I use the statement customComponent.update()and thencustomComponent.reload() on my own code, but this operation is slow on Safari which caused conflicts. I deleted the reload fn, errors gone but sometimes update statement doesn't work, so I thought that's why I added reload() at the beginning.

Hi @Huayu_Qin I'm seeing the same issue :disappointed: I'll submit this as a bug to our team!

In case it's helpful, I've only been able to reproduce this error if I run the reload() before the custom component has fully loaded in my app