Cannot get statistic to work

Hi, I am new here. I tried to get the total number of records (count(*)) as a value to show as statistic. Whatever I try, I cannot get it to work:

Tablename = BSIK_Table
it should show 52 as outcome.

Hello @SNMVR6,

Why don't you try {{ }} as a simple solution?

Hi, your suggestion did not make a difference, unfortunately.

I may not have understood exactly what you meant then. Can you give a little more detail?

You shouldn't be using formatDataAsArray() in your query, at least not if you are accessing your data by referencing the table's .data property.
A table's data property is already formatted as an array of objects, which can be queried using the "Query JSON with SQL" resource.
Your query should look like:

However, as @edurmush suggested you can access the same info (The count of items in your list) with {{}}.
You could then forego the entire "Query JSON with SQL" query.

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Thanks, it now works. Peculiar as I believe I tried that code before ... anyway, happy that is works. Thanks all.


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