Cannot find setValues() function on checkbox group

I build an app 3 days ago, it was working fine but today I noticed the checkbox group set values function is not working. Seems like it is removed??

Hey Neeraj, it looks like the new checkboxGroup component doesn't have a setValue function defined on it. Thanks for flagging this for us :grin: It goes a long way in improving our product. We've logged this bug and we'll ping you when we get it fixed!

hey @Neeraj

You can get around this problem by using a temporary state and referencing the temporary state in the default value section of the buttton group:

Here is an example:

This has been fixed now! The .setValue() method is available on the checkbox group :grin:

Can we have this for a button group, too? :blush:

Hey @john_gronska! This method is available in both JS queries, like buttongroup1.setValue([2,3]) and directly in event handlers (see screenshot).