Can not reference list components elsewhere in the app


In the new list component values of components within (in my case select component) can not be referenced elsewhere in the app.

It works for legacy component. Is there any workaround for the new lists component?

Hi @Gasper_Anderle, thanks for using our new List View. We're currently working on features and collecting feedback to help reference values within your List Views. Can you tell us more about what you're trying to reference in your List View?

If you're trying to collect changes to write back to a datasource, we recommend storing changes in a variable and writing back. There's some steps to do it on other posts here: ListView / Modify Values and save. Hope this helps!

Thank you for pointing me to the other resource. If I'm not mistaken in this other forum post, legacy table component is used as in the new list it would not be possible to reference values in the variable?

I'm creating a tool for ads publishing where user will have displayed ad copies from the database and an option to adjust them before generating output sting to be pasted in ads manager.

List component looked to be perfect as it can expand as needed. And I can set default values from the database; but the problem is that I can not then reference user changes in the output.