Can maintainSpaceWhenHidden be used horizonally

Just noting that maintainSpaceWhenHidden property can be used usefully when components are vertically oriented (ie when the top component is hidden, lower components will shift up).

However I'm hoping to lay my components out horizontally, and when the left most component is hidden, other components shift to the left.

Is this possible?

Hey @BenCook, I'm not seeing the components shift to the left on my end, but I'm probably not replicating your app properly. Mind sending over an example app.json file so that I can take a look? Thanks!

Hey Joe,

Sorry for the confusion. I actually want the remaining components to shift to the left when a component is hidden (in the same way they shift up to fill empty space)

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Got it! I'll submit a feature request for this and update you here as there is any progress on that.

Great thanks Joe!

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