Can I query retool to ask for a list of retool apps in a certain folder?

I would like to have a navigation component in my retool app that will show a list links to other retool apps. I see that there is a Navigation component that will enable me to define links to other retool apps but I would like to use a query to get all the retool apps in a folder and then dynamically add those links to the page.

I am ok with writing a custom component for this, but I can't figure out a way to query retool to ask for a list of apps in a certain folder.

I guess in short I should say: HELP!


As far as I can tell, this is not possible, you'll just have to build the nav component and add the links manually.

This is currently only possible for self-hosted instances of Retool!

When you deploy a self-hosted instance you have access to the internal storage database and can configure a Postgres resource to be able to query it with the same variables you use to configure the database. Once that is set up it's possible to query the pages table and filter for a particular folderId along with their UUIDs which you can use to generate their respective URLs.

Using the new Link List component can be particularly helpful here! It's available universally on cloud and also as an experimental feature that we can enable for on-premise orgs running version 2.94 or higher!

Edit: The Link List component should be available by default as of 2.99.3!