Can I embed Apache Superset in Retool

I am trying to use Retool Portals for a client facing application.

We want to embed our Superset Dashboards in the application and also give clients the ability to make their own Superset dashboards inside of Retool.

Is that possible ?

Here are a few links of how Superset can be embedded in a React Application.

  2. Embedding Superset dashboards in your React application | by Khushbu Adav | Medium

Hey @Darshan_Bhagat!

If you can host your own React app you can likely embed it in Retool. There's an example here that goes over how to build your own custom Node components. You can also embed webpages with the iframe component.

I'm not seeing a UMD package for superset but if it has one and I've just missed it then it may be possible to build a custom component without needing to host things yourself.

Do any of those options look like they might work?