Camera does not close after scan


I can't find a way to shut down my camera after a successful scan, and it's the same on mobile.

Is there a way to do so, something looking like a .close() method?


Hey @thomaspouma!

Great question, happy to help here! Out of curiosity, what browser/os are you currently using. Also, are you currently deployed on-premise or on cloud?

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Hi @Chris-Thompson !
I'm using scan with chrome on mac -Version 95.0.4638.54- (for developing the tools) and chrome on android -Version (deployed on an enterprise samsung phones fleet).
I'm also deployed on cloud.

Awesome, thanks for all this info! I tried this on the current cloud version on Mac OS and Chrome 94.0.4606.81 and was not able to reproduce the same behavior :thinking:, do you know what version of Retool you are currently running?

The version info can be found by clicking on the chat icon in the lower right corner of your screen. A menu should pop up which will show your Retool version number:

Hi @Chris-Thompson!

Thanks for your answer!

My version is 2.79.6

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hey @thomaspouma — I just wanted to follow up here, I was able to reproduce this locally and it seems to be tied to the "Automatically close after scan" feature. if you toggle this off, the camera does shut down. I've gone ahead and built out a repro app/bug report and linked this thread so we can post updates on this bug here. Thanks for reporting this! :slight_smile:

Hi @Chris-Thompson ,

Thanks, i'll keep an eye on it!