Calendar Presentation -> Mapped events with a color override?

Following in the footsteps of Date Range -> Calendar Presentation: best strategy? - #3 by Wrapmate, I'm now getting the Calendar Presentation component successfully populating with data (ty @dcartlidge!)

Now I'm at my next challenge: dynamically set the color of the event, based on whether or not the mapped event id corresponds with the of a table component (in which those same ids are populated) to recreate a "highlighted event" functionality that synchronizes with that table in the upper left:

  • a single Retool database table populates tblAppointments (upper-left) and calSharedView (bottom-center)
  • Each Event ID is mapped to the database table's id (note {{}} set in the upper-right of the Event id value)
  • Have tried several different syntax attempts into the Color field to examine if this matches the and then return one color (if so) or another color (if not)...but cannot quite get it correct.

Any ideas?

It sounds like you're on the right lines, you need the mapped property of the color for each event to be a function. Can't see that in your screenshot so not sure what you've already tried out.
Basic example below:


forum (2).json (49.5 KB)


Once again, you've done it! I can tell it's been awhile since I've been in here as it is just taking a bit of time getting back into the swing of the syntax...but this helps tremendously.

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