Date Range -> Calendar Presentation: best strategy?

Trying out the Date Range and Calendar Presentation components, and would like to put together a demo where selecting a start & end date from the Date Range component automatically populates an event in the Calendar Presentation component.

Thought I had a plan in which a localStorage variable would act as the go-between:

  1. Date Range.change() event would write to a localStorage var with start & end dates that were clicked,
  2. A transformer would read this localStorage var and reformat it with the additional properties (color, title, etc)
  3. Calendar Presentation component's data object would be set to "mapped" and point to the transformer's value.

I mean...that does seem like the right path for a Retool app, doesn't it?

I cannot for the life of me figure out what's missing, but I'm not able to trigger any events that ultimately populate the Calendar Presentation component. What am I missing here?

Don't see why not - I'd keep all the events in a variable and have the input items add to that variable once validated. The calendar should purely be for presentation of that data.

quick and dirty example:
forum (1).json (13.3 KB)

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Ah, I see now. It was the fine mechanics of connecting the two that was escaping me, and your setIn() usage helped make that clear. I think I am off to the races now.

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