Button is undefined on load for mobile view

I have the following components nested under Mobile size view

  • TabbedContainer - ListView - Container - Button
    When I refresh the page, the Button is shown as undefined. It is not supposed to run any query to load (it is literally just a Button with a hardcoded text as its text). When I do something with the button, for example change its size, it is no longer undefined and looks normal. But when I refresh it, the button is broken again.
    You can see the result here:


Is there a way to fix this issue?

Hey Dan! So this is nested like this correct?

I’m having trouble reproducing the effect in this example, am I missing anything there?

Hello Alex - thank you for responding!

So it was maybe an oversimplification of what I have, and I also cannot reproduce it with just that.
I tried adding another text box in the list along with the button, and now it seems like textbox is going through the same problem (it shows up only after resizing). Again, this is all under mobile view only.
Could you perhaps try that and see if you can recreate it?

To give an overview of my actual app, I have 5 text boxes (whose value is selected from query) along with the button for each container in the list

Perhaps you could see the problem here:
Please view it from mobile or make the window smaller to enforce mobile view

As can be seen in editor, there should be a text field

even in editor it only appears after resizing