Bulk upload in smaller batches fails: Transaction has been aborted

  • Goal: Updating multiple rows in batches to an SQL database

  • Steps: The initial goal was to use the built-in function of 'bulk insert records' to upload multiple rows at the same time. At most the records have 20 attributes. This frequently gave an error without any further messaging or indication where the error occurred (I forgot which error that was exactly). After a long search I tried out batching the inserts with the help of Parameter Limit on Bulk Insert. This seemed to help sometimes, but now again no matter what I change, I get "Transaction has been aborted". I tried changing the batch size, making the triggers synchronous by using async functions and await, but nothing seems to help.

  • Details: Batcher code is structured like this:

const batchSize = 50;
const batchedData = _.chunk(table2.data.filter(d => d.added && !d.error), batchSize);

batchedData.forEach(batch => {
  insertRows.trigger({additionalScope: {batch}})

The actual insertRows function is structured like this:

batch.map(d => {
  delete d.added
  delete d.error
  Object.keys(d).forEach(k => { d[k] = d[k] ? d[k] : undefined })

  d.AMOUNT = d.AMOUNT || 0
  return d

The console log inside the map function does not log anything. Even if I try to log a statement before the batch.map function, nothing gets logged. I do however, can log the content of the different batches in the batcher code.

The error I get is insertRows failed (3.437s):Transaction has been aborted.

Any insights in what might cause this behavior is greatly appreciated.

I finally figured it out. I eventually just tried uploading 1 row, rather than using the bulk uploader. That gave me a more insightful error message when monitoring the network tab. Namely

insert into ... output inserted.* values (...) - The target table 'tablename' of the DML statement cannot have any enabled triggers if the statement contains an OUTPUT clause without INTO clause.

Turns out that is a known issue of MSSQL databases that exists for 7 years already... Because for me this was to only table with an attached trigger, I only got this issue with this one table. I luckily was able to circumvent the trigger, and solve it another way, so that the bulk upload works.

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