Bulk update action output a "Import timed out after 60 seconds" message

I’m using a “Bulk update via primary key” and a “Bulk insert records” action with MySQL. When I execute a “Bulk insert records” for around 1000 records into MySQL, that’s fine but “Bulk update via primary key” with same amount of records is failed even thought the 100 of records with “Bulk update via primary key” is okay. The error message is Import timed out after 60 seconds .

Primary key that I specified is surely a pk in table schema. How should I solve this problem?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Daiki,

Retool isn't designed for super-huge data management and ETL use-cases. However, there are ways you can do this. One thing you can do is chunk up your updates, and then use this approach from the documentation to take your data and batch it.


if (chunks.size > 0) {
  var currentChunk = chunks[0]
  var restOfChunks = chunks.slice(1)
    additionalScope: {
      currentChunk: currentChunk,
    // You can use the argument to get the data with the onSuccess function
    onSuccess: function(data) {
        additionalScope: {
          chunks: restOfChunks

You will likely need a query that simply does the chunking to pass a master list of chunks to this query. This article has some ways you can do it:

Thanks a lot!!!