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Hey @victoria :slight_smile:,

I am wanting to convert a Bulk Update/Upsert via GUI Mode to a Snowflake Merge Statement in SQL Mode. Wanting to do this conversion so I can get around the performance limitations of the Bulk Update/Upsert in GUI Mode.

My use case is bulk updating a table I have on Snowflake with data uploaded via a CSV file.

Snowflake Merge Doc: MERGE — Snowflake Documentation

My attempt at a conversion syntax:

merge into snowflake.table k
using (select * from  {{ formatDataAsArray( }} ) as b on =
when matched then update set k.column1 = b.column1, k.column2 = b.column2

Or, is there any method like chunking an array of updates?

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Looking into this!

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Also looking for solution for the same. Thanks

Sorry for the delay here everyone!

We've been tinkering with this and one solution that a user we spoke with recently found is to use a transient table from the csv data. Then run the merge on the original table and the temp table.

As a solution, I used transient table:
1. CREATE transient table temp (….)

2. Insert data using GUI mode by using hardcoded table name

3. Merge into PUBLIC_DATASETS.DATASET_NAME as target using (SELECT * from PUBLIC_DATASETS.temp) as SOURCE on = when matched then UPDATE set target.COMPANY_NAME = SOURCE.company_name when not matched then insert (id, company_name) values (, source.company_name)

4. Drop table PUBLIC_DATASETS.temp

The limitation here being is that the table names can't be unique for different Retool sessions.

I also wonder if something like the lodash (a library included in Retool) _.chunk method could help us still use the GUI mode, just broken down into smaller chunks. Let me know if something like this could work!

Here's the JS Code I used in a JS Code query type to trigger an update query with chunks of data at a time (instead of one, too big chunk):

const arr = table2.recordUpdates
const chunked_arr = _.chunk(arr, 2)
const query = query3; // your query to trigger for each

const promises = => { 
return query.trigger({
additionalScope: {
chunked_rows: each_arr

return Promise.all(promises)

And just in case this is still helpful, here's a community post that also goes over the chunk function in a JS query to process large amounts of data in Retool.