Bugs in the Form component? Or am I missing something?

I am new to Retool. In the "Build input forms" documentation (Build input forms), the Demo at the top of the page shows an interface where if you select a row, a "Clear selection" link shows at the top of the table, which can be used to clear the form. Later in this same article, under the "Clear the form" heading, it states "Add a button to the table that clears the selected row: Enable Show a button to clear selection in the Selected Rows section of the Inspector." But there is no illustration of what it's referring to. Is it referring to the table inspector or the form inspector? Regardless, I do not see a "Selected Rows" section in either of those inspectors. I have tried following the steps in this Form article multiple times but have not been able to get the "Clear selection" functionality.

Secondly, in this same documentation article (Build input forms) it states, "When you use Form components, Retool also generates a query, form1SubmitToProducts, to insert new records into the database when the form is submitted." But in my applications, when I add a Form, no such query is being generated.

Hey Scott! Welcome to Retool and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing all your feedback here. I suspect this is related to our (very recent) switch to a new Table component.

I'll investigate your points here and file relevant bug tickets. You should still be able to workaround these issues in the meantime!

Are you interested in setting up the clear selection functionality and/or creating an insert query to trigger on submit?

Yes, I think this is related to the new Table component. There does not seem to be "clear selection" functionality available in the new component. And the article in the help documentation is referring to the old version of the table.

I did ultimately figure out how to create an insert query with the GUI interface. I do think the documentation is probably outdated on that point to -- I think the component likely used to create the insert query automatically, but now it gets created only if you add an event for submit and make the action Control Query. And "created" means just creating a blank query -- it doesn't actually fill anything in aside from the query name.

Thank you again for taking the time to share this with us and help improve our docs and our product. Filed :white_check_mark:

Hey Scott! We wrote up improvements to our docs here that should go live soon. Thank you again for writing in about this!