Bug: select.setValue(null) and select.clearValue() have no effect

In a JavaScript query, I have a call to select.clearValue() which has no effect, and I am fairly confident that it is running because I have a console.log() call immediately afterwards which does output to console.

The select is configured with mapped values, and the clear button is enabled. The clear button works as intended, but I am unable to clear input via JS query

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Hey @webster!

I just wanted to reach out and let you know you're correct. This was a bug on our end. We shipped a fix for this issue and should be resolved now. Please let us know if you're still seeing this behavior on your end.

@Kenny - has this been validated? I seem to be seeing the same exact behavior in my app after recently upgrading my selects to the new mappers.

Hi @gilcrest , I went ahead and tested this out and seems to be working on my end. Are you on a self-hosted org?

Thanks @Kenny - I ended up refactoring parts of my app to use event handlers instead of JS (event handlers weren't around when I wrote the app originally). Everything appears to be working now and it would be difficult to recreate. Ignore this for now. If I hit it again, I'll definitely ping this thread - thanks very much for following up!

Awesome @gilcrest ! Happy to hear you were able to get it working and was able to explore some new features! :slightly_smiling_face: