Select Component clearValue is not working

When I tried clicking on button to clear value of select component earlier I can use control components-> clearValue, but now it is not working.

Please help

I can see you are posting a lot of "How do I" type of posts. I would help if you add more context to your questions with screen shots of specific operations and components you are trying to perform. And, it might be more helpful for you to consolidate your questions if they are all related to a specific operation - want to help you out but I can't because I don't have any context.

Sure,I am adding the screenshots of that.

ClearValue() FOR select is not working now. Earlier it is working

I see that there is nothing selected within the Status select dropdown.....
Can you share a screenshot of the Status component and what it contains and also one where you have selected a value?

I want to clear the value of select on button click

Where it says Select Status in the select field looks like that is a Place holder and NOT a selected value. - meaning the Select Status component does NOT have anything selected

See the value is 1 in left panel

It means value is captured by stataus component

If it is the case, till yesterday it is working and suddenly stops working


Hey there :wave: We had other reports of issues with clearValue, but a fix was shipped and everything should be good to go now :+1: Are you still seeing this behavior?

Now it is working fine