BUG: Retool database usage

Hi, I am looking at my Retool storage and its stuck at 3 gb used of the 5 gb.

I have deleted tables, added tables and still stuck at 3gb for weeks. Wanted to report that bug as I need to know how much I have used of the Retool database.


Hi can someone help with this?

Hi @Hussein_Ahmed, thank you for flagging this! :face_with_monocle:
How many rows do you estimate were deleted when deleting those tables? Rows take very little storage and I'm guessing you have a lot of data in your Retool DB. I just created a workflow that is running every minute, adding 100 rows to one of my tables with each run (I created a monster :japanese_ogre:). I estimate to be taking 1GB+ by tomorrow. I'll test deleting the table and see if I experience the same issue on my end. On the other hand, I want to give you the peace of mind that if you do get close to the 5GB limit, we can increment the threshold for your org. :relieved:

I deleted over 1,000 rows. Two of my tables had a column called "image" that saved BLOB text. Each cell had a huge amount of BLOB text to the point that the Retool table would crash in browser. I'm curious to know your results.

Hi @Hussein_Ahmed, I left the workflow running overnight. My table is currently at 72k rows and the storage taken is 13.6MB.
I did not have a a lot of text on any of my columns, I just added a new one with a default value.

Here is a screenshot of the Storage before adding the column:

I added this new column with the example of a base64 string and a default value.

I'll wait an hour to see how much it impacted the storage.

Is your storage number changing though? I don't think my tables amount to 3GB of storage. For some reason the render is stuck at 3GB (this is my issue).

It changed from 7MB before creating the cookie monster to 13.6MB at 72k rows. The new total storage should be calculated and rendered in less than an hour. When it does, I'll try deleting the table and check if it goes back to 7MB. :slightly_smiling_face:

It stayed at 13.6MB after adding the new column. I just deleted all rows but 5. Will update in an hour with how the total storage is looking like. :face_with_monocle:

@Hussein_Ahmed, the storage did go back to its original starting point. My guess is that the tables you deleted did not have that much data on them, considering that it was less than 5MB for 70k+ rows. If you notice this is persisting as you are making big changes on your db, don't hesitate to let us know, we could dig deeper into what is going on. Also, if you are getting close to 5GB, contact us so we can increase the threshold.

Paulo, this is interesting! would you be able to access my database to see what could possibly be making up the 3GB? It doesn't make sense, unless Retool Storage (images) is part of that?

We found your organization, I'll send you a DM with details to protect your privacy. :slightly_smiling_face:

For anyone following this topic, we had to run a FULL VACUUM on the database to reclaim storage occupied by dead tuples. This is something that we should periodically. Dead tuples were taking about 90% of the storage. More details on the link above, it is as easy as running: vacuum full table_name