Bug in Javascript Query for Modules?

Is anyone else experiencing weird behavior when referencing Temporary State in a Module's Javascript Query?

I'm experiencing a bunch of weirdness, of which the main commonality is when accessing certain Temporary State variables, I get this console error: "DOMException: Failed to execute 'postMessage' on 'Window': # could not be cloned."

I can't figure out a consistent pattern but I am getting this error with as simple as a statement as return thisVariable.value. This is only affecting existing modules I've built. This doesn't affect Temporary States in that modules. Also, when I create a new module or am working in an app, I don't observe this behavior.

In case it's helpful, it feels like this happened today. We noticed it as it affected functionality across the Modules we were using in our Apps. Was there anything released that may be related?

Hi @huang3r I'll look into this for you and report back!

Hi @huang3r, let's see if we can figure this out together! Have a few questions for you, so that we can try to reproduce on our end.

If you try to create a new temporary state inside an existing module, do you see the same problem?

Also: Is this problem happening in all of your existing modules?

Which modules do you mean, here?

Finally: If you're comfortable with it, would you be willing to share the JSON file of one of the modules with the problem? To do this:

  • Click on the three dots ("...") in the top right of the creator view, and select "Export to JSON"
  • Happy to take a look if you send to jess@retool.com


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Thanks for the help here. I actually ended up working around the issue by moving that functionality into my apps (for other reasons this made sense) so haven't really dug into this.

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