Bottom-align Container for Native Mobile

How might I get the messageControls container component (outlined in blue) in this to bottom-align in the screen?

I'm trying to create a footer container that's fixed just above the navigation controls.

Hi @flmobile thanks for reaching out! I don't believe this is currently possible, but I'll submit this feedback as a feature request to our team. I'll post here if we're able to ship this feature

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Hi @flmobile and @Tess

I think this can be very interesting when you want to make a static screen with a few elements.
If you want one container at the top, another centered vertically and a third at the bottom.
This would make it possible to adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions.
You offer the possibility of doing this horizontally with the "Justify" attribute. It would be great to offer this on containers whose elements are in the "Direction" top --> bottom.

See you !

Thanks for chiming in, @clem! I've circulated your feedback internally as well