Boolean Field Value for Table Field is Blank for false?

When you choose to mark a field as Boolean for field in a table, the field is blank when the value is false (it shows a checkmark when true). This is incredibly confusing for the false value. It should show an X, instead. Interestingly, when you choose a Key/Value presentation, the field does correctly show an X for False and checkmark for True. So I'd consider the table implementation to be a bug.

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I've been frustrated by this as well, but I wouldn't consider it a bug as much as a feature request to allow the users to select the icons used for t/f/null in a boolean field.

Hi there, Thank you for the feedback! We recently shipped an update to Cloud to allow you to show an icon on false:

It should ship to on-premise within a couple of weeks


If you want null to be different than false, you can make the False icon conditional based on the value of item

awesome! thanks