Best practice for working offline?


Sorry if this is a completely armature question. I spend a lot of time traveling without network access and I would like to be able to both use and work on my app while offline.

Is there a good way to do this easily?

I'm guessing there's no network to connect to at all, not just no internet? The only thing I can think of would be to load up the project using the VS Code extension. You can't do everything from there, it can be quite limited, but you could still code your js parts at least

No network, or internet.

I am usually flying commercial, I travel with both a mac and windows laptop.

I didn't know the VS code extension existed, I have been using Retool Online. I am assuming I would need to setup a self-hosted instance.

Is that something I can setup and run on my laptop? When I am done traveling connect to wifi and update / save to either a local or cloud server?

you actually don't need self-hosted. after you install the extension you can open the command pallet and use 'Retool: Sign In'. it sends you to the retool site for authorization and after that you can use 'Retool: Open App' to open queries in VS Code. so obviously you'd need to start with internet access, but after its loaded in Code the file's now local in some form so you don't need internet until you want to save changes. i'm not too sure how closing VS Code would be handled, as Code initializes extensions on startup and this process might try and force you to authorize. i don't think there would be an issue since the file should popup immediately like every other file/project opened but you might want to test this out before you end up with a very long unproductive (and imo boring) trip abroad. :beers:

here's the retool docs about it, this is the extensions github and finally the vs code marketplace link

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