Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 & Sharepoint Integration

Hi team,

First, thanks for the great product :slight_smile:

Are you planning to integrate ADLS & Sharepoint shortly?

For ADLS, it is possible to use the API. However, it would be more convenient to have an S3 Integration alike!

Regarding Sharepoint, I would like to integrate Excel files stored on Sharepoint, similar to Google Sheets integration.

Thanks for your answer!

Hey @acruve!

I'm not aware of plans to add built-in support for either at the moment but if they're included we can let you know here!

In the meantime, it looks like there's also a REST API for Sharepoint (docs) does it suffice as a workaround as well or are you running into particular issues with it?

Good point, it should be enough for now. Thanks!