Automatically go to next page after delay

i've a graphql query linked to a table with server side pagination. Everything works well, and when i click the "next page" button, new data are loaded and displayed.
Now i'd like to implement a script that move to the next page programmatically after a delay of 10 seconds. The problem is that the page counter change correctly, but table load same data. It seems that the graphql cursor remain in the same position.
This is the code i use to change page

if(tbl_import.hasNextAfterCursor == "" || tbl_import.hasNextAfterCursor === true){
tbl_import.selectPage(tbl_import.selectedPageIndex + 1);

Hey @Gregorio_Aversa!

Using selectPage or setPage is tricky with cursor-based pagination since the cursor for a given page isn't known until it's returned from the server with the page before it. That being said, it also doesn't look like there's a 'next page' or 'previous page' API for the table that you could use here :thinking:

Would you mind explaining a bit more about your use case? Maybe there's another workaround that's possible.