How to trigger cursor for the next page?

Hey I have api that give me just 10 result every time that I search and also I have the cursor call that I can get more result - now my question is how can I implement trigger in a table of data to roll the cursor to get more results
any help? thanks

I guess API supports limitations, therefore you can make the limitation as variable and change it with the cursor. increase + 10 or however you want.

To fetch the next couple of records you’ll probably need to use offset together with limit.
So limit 10, offset 10 to get records 10-20, limit 10 and offset 20 to get 20-30 and so on.

sorry but what does it mean? where I should implement it?

That depends on the API. Got any API documentation regarding pagination?

ok so the api says that I need to push it in the url query and then I call to the table part in the pagination to run the query and in the next page it give me the next result. but if I click on the back bottom to the previews page it give me different result each click. how can I keep the first page as the first page result?

Hello @Netanel_Baruch ,

Thank you for your question. Would you say that these Search results would be available in a table component?

This sounds like something that server-side pagination could assist with. This is a pretty good article on server-side pagination that references API integrations.

Hopefully this will give you some assistance and guidance - let me know if you have more specific questions.