Auto select 'Always show in edit mode' when using 'Hide when true'

I always check this option so the component doesn't just disappear on me and I have to use the left panel to hunt for it. So it would help if this was the default. Not sure if I am unique in this.

I can certainly just check it right there, but... the little value window drops down and obscures the slider so I have to click another property to dismiss the popup and then select the slider. Just one of those admittedly minor annoyances that has you grumbling by the end of the day.

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Would be nice to have that as a personal setting (per user), which will only apply when you (your user account) are editing. There are cases where this setting is preferred unchecked.

Welcome Hadrian!

Or maybe some UI tweak for how the little value/inspection window works, so it does not obscure the elements below it and I can get to the slider more easily? Could be as simple as placing any conditional UI elements above the trigger. Elaboration: Setting a value to Hide When True triggers the conditional element Always Show in Edit Mode, but it pops up invisibly behind the inspection window. Instead have Always Show in Edit Mode above Hide When True.