Authentication setting is not visible

I'm not able to see the Authentication setting on my self-host retool account, I'm trying to integrate my Google Authentication.
please help I'm new on retool.

Hi @Pradip_Kumar_Parkar Thanks for reaching out! All Retool organizations are compatible with username & password auth, as well as Google SSO, but for self-hosted Retool orgs, the Google SSO option requires some manual set up (it's provided by default on Cloud hosted orgs). We have docs for setting up Google SSO on self-hosted instances here:

If you've already done these steps, let me know & we can continue troubleshooting!

Hey, @Tess
I got the credential for Google SSO (client and secret key) where can I configure it on retool?

Hi @Pradip_Kumar_Parkar

It depends how you're self hosting, as some of the setup is done outside of the Retool UI. Typically, it would be in your docker.env file.

How did you deploy Retool?