Auth Login button affecting other resources...bug?

I have setup a custom auth workflow for my REST API resource, which uses a form (modal), API call, and stores a variable. So far so good, all works well.

I have added an Auth Login button to my app, and chosen the custom workflow for my API as the Custom Auth resource. When I click this, the authorization works as expected. However....

The tables in my app, which are pulling data from a complete different resource (database) are cleared of all data. I cannot get the data to appear again, until - randomly - I open the dev console (Ctrl Shift I), at which point the data appears again.

Must be a bug, no?

Hi @Alex_McAndrew
Thanks for reaching out! That does sounds strange. Queries that are marked as "Automatic" (see screenshot) will re-run after authenticating. Are they hitting an error (maybe a rate limit) or still running until you open the console?

A screen recording might help. Also happy to take a look in office hours

If you don't want the queries to re-run after authenticating, you could set them to be "Manual" and then trigger them on page load (Advanced->Run query on page load). Keep in mind, if you try this approach, the queries will not re-run at any other point unless you add event handlers