Can't Test Auth

Hi community,

I am trying to run Test Auth for a ressource because a query does not work anymore in my application, so all test buttons are disabled.

I managed to reactivate them by modifying any fields, for example i checked Run this custom auth workflow without prompting the user.
So I was wondering is this a normal behavior ?

Hey @azizouichni!

The typical behavior is that those buttons should be disabled until you've saved your changes to the resource at which point they should be enabled again.

Changes saved, buttons enabled:

Unsaved changes, buttons disabled:

The screenshot you posted seems to me to be the latter, when you hit the "Save changes" button are you no longer able to click on the Test buttons?

@Kabirdas After saving the changes, the buttons are activated again.

:thinking: odd that they weren't showing up originally. If this behavior persists and you wouldn't mind us taking a look at your auth setup could you write into us through Retool? Otherwise, could you post a screenshot of the full resource set up here with any sensitive information redacted?