Audio only component OR ability to hide the video part of the video control

I am building an audio player/podcast player web app. Clearly, I will be playing a lot of audio. I do not intend to play any video. The only component to play the audio, however, is the video component. That's not necessarily a big problem, since it plays audio-only content just fine. The problem is that the big rectangle where the actual video would normally be displayed is always showing like a blank screen. The bigger problem is that, since I cannot put other components on top of it, it just takes up real estate in my app that I can never use.

Please either make an audio component* or make the video part of the video component able to be hidden.

*note: to make an audio component, you could literally make a very similar copy of the video component since almost all of the options of the video component work quite well for audio-only content.

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Hi @Brian_Thompson

Thanks for the feature request! I don't believe an audio component is on our current roadmap for this quarter, but I'll post here if we ship one

For the time being, I can't find a great way to hide the video part or disable the click to play functionality on the video component, but we do have methods for play/pause. You could make the video component very small & then add buttons for interacting with it