As I identify what action was taken in the pagination


Is there any way to detect which button the user gave him? If to the previous or next button?

I appreciate the help


There is no direct way to determine which way the page changed: next or previous page. However, you can determine which direction by using the selectedPageIndex property of the table.

Here are the steps:

  1. Create a temp state, default to 0

  2. Create a JS query with the following code, feel free to change for your context.

    if (table1.selectedPageIndex > currentSelectedPageIndex.value) {
      // page moved to the right
      // next page clicked
      console.log("next page");
    } else {
      // page moved to the left
      // previous page clicked
      console.log("previous page");
    await currentSelectedPageIndex.setValue(table1.selectedPageIndex);
  3. Create a event handler in your table and trigger the JS query in #2

And that will do it, once page changed you can tell if it was next page or previous, even if page number was changed. Note for manual page number, if # is the same then the event won't trigger.

page changed

Hope that helps

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