App's Scripts and Style Javascript window now live loads

I just noticed that the Javascript window in the Scripts and Styles dialog no longer has a Save button. Hmmm...

Then it hit me, it is live loading (or whatever it is called)! You can make changes to your JS and see the results in your app. You will also see syntax error in Chrome Dev Tools while you are working.

It is a little sluggish though. It does have a debounce on its onChange handler, but if you pause in your typing and you have to wait a moment before the UI unfreezes and you can continue. It needs a longer debounce to start.

Ok its official, I have to say I do not like the new feature. It is very slow and so my app is basically broken while I am editing the JS. I now need to edit the JS in a text editor and then copy/paste it in to test it.

I would rather edit it and click the save button, but not have the window close when I do (see Scripts and Styles dialog closes when clicking off the window losing all your changes)

This is very much like my issue with live loading a custom component (How to prevent custom component from reloading on every change?) but at least that is fairly performative.

Hey @bradlymathews!

Will definitely bring this up with the dev team, thanks for surfacing it! They're aware that there can be a number of friction points when writing JavaScript in Retool at the moment and that it's something that would be awesome to improve. Sorry that you're experiencing steps backward in that direction.