Scripts and Styles dialog closes when clicking off the window losing all your changes

So you are happily typing away at a js function in the Scripts tab, or adding some custom CSS and you absent mindedly click the wrong place with your mouse. Poof the dialog is gone with all of your changes. And if you want to save your changes as you go and click the Save button, the dialog closes and you have to open it again.

I have taken to creating my JS in my code editor and copy/pasting it so as to avoid this side effect of my habit of randomly of randomly clicking while thinking.

I have two suggested options on how to improve this experience.

  1. First is what I believe to be the proper solution, but a more work to implement. Move the scripts and styles tabs out of this modal and give it prominence in the main UI. I am open to where to put it. Maybe new "query" types of App Javascript and App Styles and they sit along with the other queries. Better idea: Add a new tab next to Explorer and State called Scripts/Styles and the edit boxes are there.

  2. The other quick fix is to make the dialog not close when clicking out of it. ALSO, prevent the Save button from closing the window. Have a separate Close button for when you are done.

The Nov 11th update fixed the problem with clicking outside of the dialog window causing it to close and losing your work. Yay!

Still could use the Save button that does not close the window though. The chances of losing your work are greatly mitigated with the latest update, but not entirely gone.