Appending additional text or combining data into single table cells

Hi ya'll, I'm new to retool and not very handy with JS... I've got some data being pulled in via API, and I'm doing a little manipulation to it in my table cell, and that's going great. (converting from meters to feet) However I'd like to append some text to the number in the cell.

I'm using this code to add a little "ft" after the number, and it looks like it's doing it right in this image.

But in the table, I'm just getting zeros, and no "ft" appended to the end of it.

you can see the third column in is just zeros.

If I remove the + " ft" then it goes back to displaying the number correctly.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

In the end I'd like to take a single piece of data like I've got here, and manipulate it a couple different times to create a string that reads something like "2-3 ft occasionally 4 ft" and have all of it print out in the single cell... but I'll start with just trying to append ft to the single data point.

Thanks in advance!

I figured it out... duh... changed cel type from number to string and then the code I was adding to mapped value worked.

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