App of the Week Winner - 5/28/2021 (ExtJS app port to Retool)

And this weeks Retool App of the Week award goes to...


Brad Mathews ( @bradlymathews ) for his outstanding walkthrough of an app he ported from ExtJS framework over to Retool.

Brad's app is a great example of:

  • Handling complex queries and multiple CRUD interfaces
  • Enforcing query execution logic via JavaScript
  • Performance management and local frontend data filtering

You can find the app post linked below which includes some great architectural insight and script for handling complex query firing logic.

Thanks so much for sharing Brad and I'll be reaching out to you directly to get you some sweet Retool swag!

Chris Smith
Developer Advocate @ Retool


Wow, thanks! Seeing some glimpses of the work other people are doing I am very honored.

I threw my app out there because I want to get a good culture of sharing going on. That way we can riff on each others ideas and make our projects better. Glimpses are good, but let's show a little more skin, what do you say?