App changes lost

Not a so good good morning.

Yesterday, I've been working in the office on my app the whole day. Made a huge amount of progress. Yesterday evening I've made some small changes to that same app from home from a different laptop.

Now this morning I open my laptop at work, Retool tab was still open in the browser, and I see that all my work from yesterday is gone. I'm back at a state of yesterday morning, but th changes from yesterday evening are there. Looking at the history, I can only see the changes I've made yesterday evening and am unable to restore to a point from the afternoon.

Over 8 hours of work is lost now, according to the docs, I should be able to revert back to a state from the afternoon, but I can also see some states from yesterday evening. I can't go back further.

What to do now? Is this a known issue? What have I done wrong?
I'm looking for a reliable platform to replace some apps within our company and add new functionality, but this is worrying to me.

It's quite strange, some Button eventhandlers still point at a specific query and I've changed that during the day. But the query itself is in the state of yesterday morning.
I have changed, saved and tested that query many times throughout the day. I really don't understand what has happened.

OK, I've got my app/data back.
To clarify, I was still on the Free trial plan. I've upgraded to Business now and I was able to revert back to an earlier version from the afternoon. I'm a happy man now.